Literary Wonder & Adventure Show

The Radio Style Variety Show of Fantastic Fiction

Some say it’s a cross between Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Late Show. Some say it’s like The Muppet Show on crack.
Black Gate Magazine says:

“Dream Tower Media, the mad geniuses behind The Blue Lamp by Robert Zoltan (which Fletcher Vredenburgh called “marvelous… a full sound production, like a radio show”:, have released their new audio series, the Literary Wonder & Adventure Show. The title is spot on, as this one-hour episode is a thoroughly entertaining and far-ranging discussion. And like The Blue Lamp, this is no typical podcast, but an imaginatively designed (and frequently hilarious) radio show set in the windswept Dream Tower (with a talking raven).

Great stuff! Very, very impressive. Robert Zoltan was born to be a radio host. Thoroughly entertaining and educational. More!”

Step inside the world-hopping Dream Tower with Robert Zoltan and Edgar the Raven as they visit strange worlds, converse with strange science fiction and fantasy authors and other guests, and make strange new friends! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and hopefully, you’ll keep the magical dream tower functioning with the special power of belief in the form of a financial pledge. Even dreams have to run on something!

Listen to the episodes below and hear the incredible quality you’ll get each month. Give something back by supporting the show on our Pateron page. The show can only continue for another month or two without substantial funding.

Why should you support the show? If you’re a member of the Fantasy and Science Fiction community, this show is supporting you.

Literary Wonder & Adventure provides entertainment, information, and inspiration to creators and fans of the Fantastic Fiction genre. Literary Wonder & Adventure is bringing readers and authors together, giving exposure to authors, editors, artists, publishers and publications, growing the literary community, and interesting readers who don’t usually read Fantasy and Science Fiction in the genre.

And who knows, you may be the next guest on the show!


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EPISODE 5 (April 2017)
The Strand (full audio drama)

A Romantic Retro Science Fiction Audio Thriller. Written by Robert Zoltan. Produced by Dream Tower Media. Music by Robert Szeles. Featuring the Voice Talent of Robert Zoltan and Danita Bayer. Two Lovers, a universe apart. Guy, a scientist and soldier, Traveler across worlds. Hope, a brave young woman trapped on an occupied world and running out of time. The only thing that keeps them together is his improbable invention: A device that connects his universe with hers by a single Strand.

Click here to purchase your very own copy now!


EPISODE 4 (March 2017)
Robert E. Howard, Master of Sword & Sorcery: A Conversation with Author Howard Andrew Jones

It’s spring cleaning time in the Dream Tower as Robert and Edgar travel to the Hyborian Age for a lively chat with author Howard Andrew Jones! Robert and Howard discuss Robert E. Howard, Conan, childhood, heroes, cynicism, creativity and the lure of lost civilizations. Plus, Robert and Edgar get a couple of vaguely familiar visitors.

EPISODE 3 (February 2017)
J.R.R. Tolkien, Master of Modern Mythology: A Conversation with Author Scott Oden

The Dream Tower travels to Middle-Earth for Episode 3: J.R.R. Tolkien, Master of Modern Mythology: A Conversation with Scott Oden. Join Robert and Edgar the Raven as they welcome special guest author Scott Oden for a discussion on Tolkien, orcs, creativity, bliss, childhood, and the occult dangers of advanced math. Plus, the Dream Tower gets a couple of unexpected visitors, and Robert and Edgar sing a short but sweet duet.

EPISODE 2 (January 2017)
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Master of Adventure: A Conversation with Author Ryan Harvey

Robert and Edgar welcome Writer’s of the Future Award winner Ryan Harvey to discuss Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, giant monsters, eugenics, depression, didactic versus pornographic art, and why you might name your son Holbert. Plus, Robert deals with possible Pteranodon infestation around the Dream Tower.


EPISODE 1 (December 2016)
The Blue Lamp (From the series, Rogues of Merth: The Adventures of Dareon and Blue)

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Dream Tower Media is proud to present its first audiobook, a full dramatization of the mysterious sword and sorcery adventure, The Blue Lamp, by Robert Zoltan. Part of his Rogues of Merth series, The Blue Lamp features the recurring reluctant adventurers, the poet swordsman Dareon Vin, and his Indari warrior companion whom he has nicknamed Blue (his real tribal name is a secret known only to his tribe).

The dramatization is produced by Dream Tower Media, with music by composer and songwriter Robert Szeles (Kiss the Girl Music), promotional illustrations by Zoltan, and the voice talent of Robert Zoltan and Danita Bayer.